Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Its time

As I see a few other school districts getting ready to finalize there prosprospected school plans, Wilkes-Barre area does not seem to have anything finalized. This is contributing to the growing rumor mill. In the past month I have been sent e-mails claiming that Meyers High School will be closed for two years and Coughlin will be renovated after Meyers is complete, Meyers is to be torn down and rebuilt but only to house senior high students, a new mega high school is to be built, Coughlin will be closed after Meyers renovations and merged into GAR and Meyers , and the newest rumor is a addition is to be added to Kistler to accommodate 7th and eight grade students and and Meyers is to be partially torn down and rebuilt as Meyers High school leaving GAR and Coughlin opened as high schools. My point is there are way to many rumors and possibilities and something needs to be set soon. I am a very strong advocate of leaving all three schools opened and I am sure the majority of Wilkes-Barre feels the same way. My opinion is present some serious options and send them to a referendum. Let the people who are going to pay for these improvements decide.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Save our high schools

The current situation concerning the Wilkes-Barre city high schools, may also be a defining moment for the Wilkes-Barre neighborhoods. The idea of consolidating the city schools has been floated around for years, but in the near future it may happen. In my opinion this would be a major mistake and deal another blow to the already declining Wilkes-Barre neighborhoods. These schools provide each section which they serve with some sort of pride, and most people in these neighborhoods associate themselves in one way or another with these schools. We are very fortunate to still have this system, I would imagine that Wilkes-Barre Area must save a good sum of money just on the transportation of these students. I have no numbers to back that up but I would be curious to see what the difference would be if we had one central high school and had to bus almost everyone to this location. In short I can not imagine Wilkes-Barre with out the Grenadier, Crusader, or the Mohawk and neither can there neighborhoods......